Monday, October 22, 2007

I am so so frustrated

I have been trying and trying to figure out how to get pictures on my sidebar, or a picture to represent me in the about me bit, and I am getting nowhere!!!! It just brings up this little thing, a triangle with and explanation mark in the center, and goes round and round and round and round. I see lots of other blogs with these pictures. Why can't I do it.

This is one picture I wanted on my sidebar. It's the medal I was sent for successfully competing in the 2006 Knitting Olympics. I was able to knit an Aran sweater from the time the Winter Olympics started till just before they put out the flame at the end. But then I didn't want the picture to be so large. Just a small medal.

And what if I want to put the daring baker logo on the sidebar. I can't put it yet because I have done anything yet. But I'm really hoping to qualify. I might need to bother other daring bakers to find out how they did it. I can't bother Yvonne or Marie, becaue they are much too busy. And maybe the problem is because I have a MacBook. If anyone out there shoudl read this and you know the solution to my problem could you please let me know.

So for now I will just stick with posting pictures on the main section. I have little problem doing that. Notice I did not say "no problem". I've been trying to post a picture of the sweater I knit, but to no avail thus far. So I shall try once more. Success at last.


Update: I finally managed to get a picture of me on my 'about me' section. That took a LOT of effort. Now I shall continue to try and figure out pictures in general, like the daring baker badge, on the side. There must be a way. My Apple MacBook can't be that lame.

Further Update: I figured out how to get the pictures on the blog sidebar. It was a matter of trial and error over and over. But at last something I thought of worked. It was in no way what would seem logical. I wonder if everyone else has this kinds of problems when setting up things on their blogs>

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