Monday, October 22, 2007

Emily is almost completely recovered

I need to say that Emily has come through her ordeal with flying colors. For 12 days her hands were completely bandaged. I had to change the bandages every day. Her hands looked terrible. Even she seemed to realize this. She would look at her hands with a look that seemed to indicate that she understood the severity of the problem. I had really never seen such bad burns. But finally, on the 12th day, I took her into the doctor, they removed the bandages and with surprise in his voice the doctor declaired her healed. Every one there was amazed. I was told to rub oily substances on her hands as often as I thought of it, until her hands look totally normal. I'm still putting Lubriderm on her, and she seems to appreciate it. She learned quickly how to rub her hands together to spread the lotion around. The palm of her right hand is still rather red.

This is a picture of Emily taken October 13th. Notice her lovely little hands. She's trying out the glasses that I had just given her for her birthday. I also gave her a dress to match.

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