Monday, February 9, 2009

Well I'm Back!

Humble yourselves, therefore, under God's mighty hand,
that He may lift you up in due time.
Cast all your anxiety on Him
because he cares for you.
1 Peter 5:6-7

I don't know why I haven't post of late. I've even done my Tuesday With Dorie, and then not posted it. Maybe the Christmas Season was a bit much, and I just wanted to idle. One thing that has occupied me was my oldest daughter Heidi challenging me to the Geo Challenge on Facebook. I'd beat her, then she'd beat me. And I know her computer is faster than mine. But finally she had the definitive win, though in fact, it was her boyfriend Stephane who played on her site and beat me so that I hadn't a chance.

Then Heidi came along and challenged me to Who Has The Biggest Brain. Now here again I am a bit struggling. But there's something in me doesn't want to be beat. But I can only go so fast. I'm very good at some of the tests - like counting the blocks or putting the numbers in order or math or memorizing objects, but I'm not so good at the puzzle one or the flipping cards. I'm on average pretty good at most of it, but I excel in analyzing. That does make sense, as I was a programmer/analyst for many years, and I was quite good at it. I do like to analyze and get things in order. I even organize books at Powells when I find them out of order.

But now I need to get on with life, get things done, pay attention to other things. Ha! Watch, I'll be right back at trying to beat Heidi. Right now in Portland I think I'm 19th best for the week and Heidi is 17th best. Now that could change at any time, as others play. We're both Cyborgs. But really, on average, I'm just a Space Ace.
Okay - so I just don't want to be a stupid old lady.

Today the children have gone to Klamath Falls with their dad to visit their grandmother known as Lola. That's Filipino for Nana. I'm Nana, ..... Just in .... Tom is keeping them in Kalamath for another day. I sure hope I can manage to stop worrying about them. Tom wants Emily to have more time with her grandmother, who she hasn't seen very often. Of course "Who's fault is this!" He could have behaved himself, stayed married to the wife he did love, and have a normal life ,,, but oh no!

"We are all worms, but I do believe I am a glowworm." 
Winston Churchill

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