Tuesday, August 19, 2008

TWD - Granola Grabbers

"Train a child in the way he should go, 
and when he is old he will not turn from it." 
Proverbs 22: 6

The was just the right kind of day to make these cookies. Last week the temperatures were approaching or over 100, but yesterday we plummeted into the low seventies, and it definitely was the kind of weather to make you start to believe that summer is almost over, and school is about to start. The TWD project for today is from Dorie Greenspan's book Baking: From my home to yours and is called Granola Grabbers.

These cookies were easy to make, and produced 55 cookies. I had to go to the store and buy granola ($3.50/pound), wheat germ ($1.99 for a 1 pound package), and golden raisins. I thought that I had slivered almonds, but I only found sliced almonds - so that was my one deviation. Well, actually, I did dip the bottom of a cheese class into sugar each time before squishing the cookie dough.

The family was standing around waiting to have cookies. Heidi liked them and soon ate two or three cookies. Christian thought that they would be much better with chocolate chips in them. Everyone else liked them, though Emily found her cookie rather formidable. As for myself I would just add chopped pecans instead of the almond and peanuts. I don't really like any kind of peanuttiness in a cookie. But all the other elements were very nice.

But if I were to make this cookie again - which I might - I would think about what fruit and nuts I wanted, those that suit my mood. I would also change the butter about from 1 3/4 sticks of butter to 2 sticks of butter, and perhaps add just a bit of leavening. For fruit you can add: golden raisins, dark raisins, currents, dried cranberries, dried cherries, dried apricots, prunes, etc. And for nuts, any kind you like will work, and in a proportion. And of course with granola, the sky's the limit, as there are so many different kinds. Then lastly, there's the options of different kinds of chocolate, from chocolate chips, to chopped dark chocolates, to m&ms.

"I am always ready to learn 
although I do not always like being taught." 
Winston Churhill


Prudy said...

What a beautiful way to display those yummy cookies.

n.o.e said...

I totally agree about the peanuttiness. I love peanuts, but not in my baked goods. Next time I will also use pecans. The chocolate would be good, imo, as long as I had sour cherries or cranberries for some 'zing'.

The Food Librarian said...

Nice photo! I like the display! I think there could be endless combo of flavors on this one! Nice job!

Engineer Baker said...

After getting my hands completely covered in dough squishing these things down, I applaud the use of a sugar-dipped glass. Good work.

Pamela said...

Lovely presentation! And all of the ideas you have for future add ins sound quite tasty.

Jacque said...

Sounds like they were a success at your house... congrats!

I like how they are so versatile.