Tuesday, November 4, 2008

TWD - Rugelach - and how many recipes are there anyway?

"Be completely humble and gentle; 
be patient, bearing with one another in love." 
Ephesians 4:2

I've always wanted to make these cookies, so this should work out today. I have all that I need, as long as I can fudge just a wee bit.

But, for another issue. Will there be any recipes left to choose from when it's my turn to choose? I'm number 157, and I added up all of the recipes (not counting the basics) and there are 213 and 47 have been done. So that means there will be something left when I get there, but not all people will have a chance, unless they start all over again. I figure that I will be up on February 22, 2011. And by that time about 25 percent of the recipes will still be up for choosing. As I looked through all of the recipes there were hardly any that I wouldn't want to make. That would include the cheesecakes, but that's about it, and they're half gone already. Here's how it stands at the moment.

Recipes in Baking: from my home to yours

Muffins - 11 [2]
Biscuits - 5 [1]
Scones - 6 [1]
Morning cakes - 5 [1]
tea breads - 4
yeast breakfast breads - 6 [3]
drop cookies - 12 [4]
bar cookies - 19 [3]
tea cookies - 28 [4]
bundt cakes - 7
simple cakes - 14 [3]
pound cakes - 6 [2]
cheesecakes - 4 [2]
fancy cakes - 18 [5]
apples pies and tarts - 9 [1]
fall pies - 5 [1]
cream pies and tarts - 15 [3]
fruit pies and tarts - 9 [3]
puddings - 16 [5]
cobblers, crisps etc - 7 [2]
ice creams - 7 [1]
basics - 27

Okay, so I watched the news instead of making rugelach, but tomorrow - that's WWD, I'm making those luscious looking cookies. I've always wanted to make them.

I got the dough for the rugelach made on Tuesday, but then I watched the election results, and that was it for me.

But on Wednesday Emily and I made up the rugelach. Emily really did well.

She put flour all over the dough,
 then used the French rolling pin 
to roll out the dough on a piece of waxed paper.

Then, after I spread on the warmed up low sugar apricot jam, 
Emily applied the chopped pecans and chopped dried cherries.

Then, after Christian mixed together some sugar and cinnamon for her, 
she tapped it onto the pastry.

Then I cut the dough into 16 wedges 
and then Papa helped her roll up the little rugelaches. 
She really put her all into it.

Christian got the egg wash mixed up for us, 
and then Emily took great care in applying it to the cookies.

While Emily was working on applying the egg-washer her mother arrived. 
That would be daughter #1, Heidi - nee Kyoko.
She was in a bit of a hurry, so Emily never got to have one of them at that time.

After they left I made two more batches - I had doubled the recipe. The second batch was like the first, except that I added a little bit of ginger jam to the apricot jam. And then the third batch used my home-made strawberry jam, pecans, and mimi-chocolate chips.

Vertict: These were a pleasant enough cookie, but not really my favorite. 
For all the work I would rather make snickerdoodles or molasses crinkles.

“You can always count on Americans to do the right thing 
- after they've tried everything else.” Winston Churchill


Anne said...

Your little one is adorable and such a cute helper! I agree about the snickerdoodles and molasses crinkles- those are the top two favorites at my place!

Barbara said...

You have the cutest kitchen helper ever! Even if the cookies were only O.K., the memories will be wonderful. What a great grandma you are!